Earn a lot of money online with no expense

Explaining how someone with spare time can earn good money communicating with and helping others online

The time has come to improve your life. But why not improve the life of others at the same time? You can do this by communicating online with people and helping them. Over the past few years various new ways of communicating and helping others have evolved. Partly because of the virus and how it was harder for people to form or keep relationships you can now consider any of these as proper professions… the professional hugger,Guest Posting the professional friend and the professional listener. Of course in order to be doing one of these you need to be able to offer people those skills. In some cases you can do them online only, the professional listener works well that way, with others it is necessary to meet up with them. The professional hugger would not be able to work online. Yes it is necessary to make sure that the person you are sending money to is genuine first, not just send them money and hope they deliver the goods later – it is far more difficult with goods such as these than it is a tangible object like a book – but you also have to see it from the other person’s point of view too. There are cases of people, usually old men, who approach young women saying they want to hire them as a professional hugger – offering them what is usually a very tiny amount of money – but really being after sex. If you are not naive and you do not automatically trust people you will be fine.

What is a way you can get into this work and why would you? You can go to a website such as ask agony aunts advice online where you can sign onto a directory once you have decided to go ahead, but you can find out a lot about it there first. You can be totally self employed, you can be someone who does it full time seriously or part time. You have a lot of choices to make along the way. Do be sure you are able to do it though, it is no good if you are already very busy or unreliable, and not fair to potential customers. In the case of face to face meet ups consider travelling and whether it would pay enough or be feasible if travelling to whoever, also think about how you ought to make sure it is a genuine booking before you speed off wherever in case it is a hoax.

I predict that one day there will be more and more people offering these services and eventually the industry might be saturated with people. But right now you can call the shots as there are so few people available to hire. Compare it to dog sitting. There are now loads of people in every single city offering it, so many that they offer it at a dirt cheap price. But you still ought to be wary, it is still a big thing to trust your pet to a stranger, and some have ulterior motives or are not reliable. Do not always put a cheap price first.

Think carefully about whether or not it is a good idea to take on more work and then work out the rest from there. Your motivation might be money, fine, it might be boredom, it might be a challenge, it might be meeting people. All of those motives and many others are fine. You don’t need a lot of experience, or any, nor qualifications, but you do need to be good with people and able to deliver what they seek.

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