Fullmer Cattle Company – Location Is Vital In Calf Health

Fullmer Cattle’s Location Improves Calf Health and Growth
Remember the adage about good real estate? LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!? When scouting for a location, the experts at Fullmer Cattle Company — who have been in the calf-raising business for four decades — realized that the same is true for optimum dairy and beef cattle growth, development, and calf health.

Here’s why location matters:

Dry climate and sandy soil (such as in West Kansas) provides a climate that facilitates healthy calf raising. This is especially true compared to northern states, which typically have colder, more moist weather. At Fullmer Cattle’s facility, calves thrive in West Kansas’ sunny, dry weather.
More importantly, organisms that can affect the health of calves cannot survive in this conditions.
The result? Healthier calves that grow more rapidly.

High-Quality Calf Feed is Close to Fullmer Cattle Company!
Fullmer Cattle Company – Uses Local Feed Sources for fresher, healthier calves
Fullmer Cattle Company’s calf ranch is on the plains of the Midwest. That means the ranch is located in the heartland of high quality feed. Fullmer Cattle gets world-class cattle feed from dozens of nearby sources. That makes it easy for Fullmer’s expert bovine dietitians and vets to create custom feed blends that preserve and improve health and performance. Not only do our relationships with local feed sources get us the best prices, but the short trucking hauls also keep our prices low.

Fullmer Cattle Company: Trusted By Experts In Their Fields
The USA’s dairy farmers and cattle ranchers are food providers to the world. Keeping calves healthy and growing is vital to a farmer’s or rancher’s success. That’s why dozens of dairy farms and cattle ranches throughout the Midwest trust their calves to Fullmer Cattle. Not only does Fullmer have a best-in-class vaccine program for the calves, but they bottle feed their calves with special formulas.

Then the calves get weaned at the optimum time. Fullmer Cattle nourishes the calves with custom feed blends that promote good health and strong growth. The result? Calves get into production — either at the dairy farm or feed lot — more quickly, stronger and in better health. And faster production means more yield, and more profit to the farmer or rancher.

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